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Hi! I'm new around. I go by Mirror_Mirror, and it's very nice to meet you. I'm writing to back up your community, because BB is an amazing world, and it needs more stories than it has. And with that in mind:

The reason why Breaking Bad doesn't have a huge net of fics yet, despite being on for five years and having an ocean of fans, is, by my estimation, how cohesive the story is. Apart from "so what happened to Jesse after all this?" there doesn't seem to be that much to play with. Breaking Bad doesn't abandon storylines and leave loose ends like some other shows do. *politely doesn't look any particular way*

So, let's brainstorm, please. How do we carve out a piece for ourselves here? What mad ideas do you have, what can we write about?

Here's one: Let's make an honest to God Peekaboo fic. There's no ATM machine. The junkies have no money to give Jesse, and almost no drugs to give back. But Jesse can't just let it go now that he came, and he can't leave empty handed. And Jesus, that kid... "You know what? I don't care" he found himself saying. "You're going to pay me, and until you do, I'm keeping your kid as an insurance. Pack his things."

I like this one, because with a good writer, this could be sweet and hectic at the same time. Jesse gets himself mixed up with a kidnapping, Heisenberg would be furious, the junkie parents will probably try to get their boy back one way or another, police may or may not get involved, and of course, there is this little boy in the middle of all this, in dire need of a hell of a lot taking care of. What do you think Badger's and Skinny Pete's babysitting skills look like?

Sincerely, Mirror_Mirror

PS. In my mind, I instantly named that kid Ollie/Oliver. Can we make that canon? Please?

FIC: Outran the Avalanche (AU)

TITLE: Outran the Avalanche
AUTHOR: prufrock_26/scrambledeggsong
CHAR: Jesse & Mike
WORDS: ~4750
A/N: Title from Timber Timbre's Beat the Drum Slowly.

SUMMARY: In a world where Mike Ehrmantraut got out and settled down in a comfortably anonymous South Dakota retirement, Jesse finds him after the events of Felina. And after a sojourn in Nebraska. With a cat.
Jesse has a car, and an address, and just at this moment, he doesn't remember where he got either one.Collapse )

Introductory Rec Thread!

Hello, anybody maybe reading this! Here's just a thread to rec any/all Jesse (or general) fics you've read and liked before! Since we are starting out here with a seven year old fandom...

I'll start!
Cumbres Toltec by laliquey, which is a lovely and super upsetting fic about Jesse making Big Plans post-season two.

While You Were Vanishing by warriorpoet is a fantastic and heartbreaking post-Felina fic about Jesse and Skyler.

And finally, some meta (also welcome here!) about Jesse Pinkman and Male Self Hatred.


Welcome to peekaboo_fics, a Breaking Bad fan community for works centered on Jesse Pinkman, the saddest meth puppy in all creation.

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